Madison Engineering provides surveying services in cooperation with a sub-consultant.

We have created great relationships with surveying companies in the Gallatin Valley so we are able to adequately stake several design projects for our clients.

Madison Engineering has a great relationship with two different surveying companies and by cooperation have the ability to adequately stake points for your project. We work closely together with surveying companies to effectively stake utility alignments and top back of curb points. We coordinate together in a timely manner to achieve staking deadlines.

All Surveying Services are By Cooperative Agreement

Easement Exhibits & Lot Line Adjustments

By having great relationships with surrounding survey companies we are able to properly coordinate the design and submission of easement exhibits, lot line adjustments and other design aspects that your project may require. We communicate effectively with several different surveyors to relay the unique challenges that come with each project.

Preliminary and Final Plats

Several projects in the Gallatin Valley require preliminary and final plats. We coordinate directly with different surveying companies to meet the City of Bozeman’s needs and regulations. By working directly with surveyors we are able to complete your project submittal and timeline in sufficient manner.

Staking Points

Madison Engineering has coordinated with professional land surveyors for several years and has coordinated thousands of staking points for a variety of different civil projects. These points include: Building Foundations, underground and above ground utilities, alignments, curb and gutter, roadways and signage and striping.