With the utilization of AutoCAD Civil 3D, Madison Engineering has the knowledge, personnel and ability to assist with your engineering design needs.

A few design items that we specialize in include the following:  Preliminary Plats, Concept Plans, Site Plans, Infrastructure Improvement Plans and Final Plats. The items listed each include several unique design requirements that adhere to the specifications and standards of that respective municipality.

From start to finish the preliminary to final design requires coordination on multiple levels to achieve our clients needs as well as the surrounding municipality standards

Design Sheet Infrastructure Plan Example

Some of our design sheets include but not limited too:
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Zone Map Amendments
  • Concept Plans — Cover Sheet, Existing Conditions Sheet, Site Plan Sheet, Dimension Plan Sheet, Details Sheet
  • Site Plans — Cover Sheet, Construction Management Plan Sheet, General Notes Sheet, Existing Conditions Sheet, Site Plan Sheet, Dimension Plan Sheet, Grading Plan Sheet, Drainage Plan Sheet, and Detail Sheets
  • Infrastructure Improvement Plans — Cover Sheet, General Notes and Index Sheet, Existing Conditions Sheet, Roadway Sheets, Sanitary Sewer Sheets, Water Sheets, Signage and Striping Sheets, and Detail Sheets
  • Exhibits — Vicinity Maps and Utility layouts

Design Sheet

Grading Plan Example

Design Service

Concept & Site Plans

Madison Engineering over the years has coordinated and designed a countless number of concept and site plans. We coordinate effectively with architects, landscapers, developers and amongst our team to produce high quality sheet submittals to the respective municipality.

Site Layout

Grading Plans

Dimension Plans

Town Pump

Bozeman, MT

Site and Infrastructure Design, Project bid documents, Application Preparation, Construction Inspection, and Project Closeout

Sage Lodge

Paradise Valley, MT

Project Submittal, Site Plan & Infrastructure Design, Septic Tank & Drainfield Design, Pay Requests, Construction Inspection And Project Closeout.

Nexus Point

Bozeman, MT

Site And Infrastructure Design, Project Bid Documents, Application Preparation, Construction Inspection, And Project Closeout.

Design Service

Infrastructure Improvement Plans

Madison Engineering has designed plan and profiles for thousands of feet of roadway and underground utilities located in the Gallatin Valley. We design, assist and coordinate effectively to produce a high quality standard of infrastructure improvement plan sets.

We communicate effectively with the department of environmental quality, State, County and City departments to expedite the submittal, review and approval process involved with the design of each.


Storm Sewer


Water & Sewer

Additional Design Services

Subdivision Design — Preliminary & Final Plat

Experienced engineers with the ability to design the site layout and complete the submittal of the preliminary and final plats.

Public Streets and Private Drives

Experienced with municipality design standards to assist in the design of public or private drives.

Sanitary Sewer Collection and Water Main Distribution Systems
Effectively design the plan and profiles for the underground utilities to meet our clients needs and the City standards.
Storm Drainage Collection Systems
Determine the quantity and rate of stormwater runoff per the improved development to meet the required stormwater standards.
Site Development – Grading and Parking Lot Layout, Utility Extensions
Based on the existing site layout, building size and current location of utilities. Develop a site in a time efficient manner to effectively shed water, provide adequate parking and connect utilities per city standards.
On-Site Drainage Systems Including Retention Infiltration Systems, Storm Water Treatment
Coordinating with several engineers and city representatives to determine location and successfully design treatment facilities.
WaterCAD Design

Using WaterCad Design we are able analyze and design the water distribution system including adequate fire flow.

Erosion Control Plans
Reviewing municipality regulations and effectively assessing existing conditions to regulate and maintain erosion sediment control.
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
Communicate and coordinate with the DEQ and contractors to establish sufficient storm water pollution prevention plans within the surrounding site.

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