Madison Engineering has been performing air quality testing services for several years in the surrounding area. We have the capabilities to perform a visual inspection and conduct several air quality tests in your residence in a timely manner.

Madison Engineering provides a professional air quality testing service with the utilization of air quality bio pumps, that cycle through 15 liters of air per minute. Our certified mold inspector is able to obtain representative air samples of various locations within your residence and compare them to an outside control sample. We are able to determine if the air quality in the residence can potentially be harmful or if no further abatement procedures are necessary.

When is air quality testing a good idea?
  • Real Estate Transaction – Purchase or Selling
  • Suspected Visible Mold
  • Health related concerns
  • Previous abatement or remediation procedures
  • Suspected/previous water damage
  • Young children or elderly people living in the residence

      Construction Inspection

      Air Quality Testing

      Once contacted, we will coordinate with our client by gathering information of the current situation. This will help us to determine the proper procedure. We will prepare a proposal that clearly identifies the price and number of air quality samples to be taken. Once a contract is in place, Madison Engineering will effectively communicate to set a time and date, to mobilize to the residence.

      A visual inspection of the interior of the residence will be performed during the air quality test. Once the air quality samples are analyzed, we will contact our client to inform them of our recommendation. A full report of the lab analysis and recommendations will be forwarded to the client.


      General Information


      There are mold spores everywhere.


      Not all mold spores have the potential to produce mycotoxins aka black mold.


      Goal is to have your inside levels the same as your outside levels.


      Everyone reacts to mold spores differently.

      Additional Air Quality Testing Services

      Tape Test

      If there is suspected visible mold, at the clients request, Madison Engineering can perform a tape test of the area of concern. Tape will be firmly pressed onto this area and properly sealed. Once analyzed, it will directly state the spores present on the tape sample.

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