Construction Inspection & Administration

Are you building a new subdivision? Adding pipe utilities to your neighboring lot? Pouring a new driveway? Madison Engineering has inspected hundreds of construction related projects in the Gallatin valley.

Including density testing of soil and asphalt with a nuclear densometer, obtaining grade elevation shots of underground utilities and creating concrete cylinders to ensure compressive strength. Madison engineering has been hired to inspect construction projects of a wide variety of sizes over the last 17 years in the surrounding valley. Inspection needs vary from job to job and Madison has the experience and capability to successfully meet your inspection requirements.

Madison Engineering has well trained engineers that all see field inspection to properly understand the construction installation process. This gives us our team the opportunity to assess each job and its unique challenges.

Depending on project location and municipality requirements, construction inspection can include:
  • Compaction testing of sub-grade, sub-base, base and asphalt material.
  • Elevation grade shots of underground and above ground utilities.
  • Concrete testing of material to verify state specifications for workability, air entrainment and compressive strength results.
  • Coordination and communication with contractors.

      Construction Inspection

      Compaction Testing

      Most design standards and specifications require some type of density testing within the right of way. We utilize nuclear densometers to verify and ensure the soil is properly compacted before a roadway opens up for vehicle traffic. We coordinate with the installing contractor to achieve satisfactory results for your project.




      Laser Level



      Construction Inspection

      Elevation Grade Shots

      To ensure that the utility installation is being installed per design and is within city specifications, our on-site inspector is properly trained to use a laser level and grade rod. This allows us to verify that the utility is being installed at the correct elevation and is not deviating from plan. By taking the proper elevation shots we are able to submit adequate as-built information after the project has completed.

      Construction Inspection

      Concrete Testing

      We provide our clients with the ability to concrete test driveway approaches, valley gutter and any concrete related items being poured within the public right away. We ensure that the state specifications and proper concreting testing procedures are followed during your project. We create concrete cylinders that are tested for compressive strength to verify that the proper mix design is being poured on your project.


      Air Content


      Density Compaction Testing

      At Madison Engineering our construction inspectors are all certified in radiological and operational training. We utilize nuclear densometers to ensure that the subgrade, subbase, base and asphalt are compacted properly.

      Elevation Grade Shots


      Madison Engineering provides construction inspection services that include elevation grade shots. Elevation grade shots are required to ensure utilities are being installed per design and City standards.

      Concrete Testing


      Pouring mud in the right of way? Madison Engineering has certified ACI technicians that can perform slump, air and cylinders for your project.

      Additional Construction Inspection & Administration Services

      Cost Estimating

      We effectively analyze the site and design of the project to properly create a competitive cost estimate.

      Preparation of Bid Documents and Project Bidding

      Coordination and preparation of bid documents to distribute to surrounding local contractors .

      Construction Administration and Management

      Perform construction administration and management on behalf of our client to smoothly run the project.

      Construction Observation and Field Reports

      Perform construction observation and take detailed notes of each days’ activities.

      Material Testing

      Adequately test the soil, asphalt and concrete to certify the project.

      Pay Estimate Review and Preparation

      Review monthly pay applications and prepare pay requests based on work completed.

      Record Drawings Preparation

      Prepare as-built drawings for submittal to the municipality to obtain occupancy and close out the project:

      Project Start-Up

      Review the project conditions and application requirements to successfully get your project moving in the right direction.

      Operation and Maintenance Manuals

      Review and interpret specification and design manuals to clear up any confusion amongst terminology.

      Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

      Communicate and coordinate with the DEQ and contractors to establish sufficient storm water pollution prevention plans within the surrounding site.

      Ground Water Monitoring

      Verify current groundwater conditions throughout the year to establish proper design parameters.

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